Episode Nineteen: The Love Bot

The HR Boyz get a visit from Purrow, the Love Robot, who, uhh, REALLY likes it when you pet her. Gonna take a while to make conversation at the water cooler again after this one, huh? Meanwhile, our new trio of adventurers, Wade, the Professor, and Danica Patrick (No Relation) set out on their own little questy-quest. Let's see how long it takes them to bring up the Professor's penis again, shall we?

Purrow the Love Robot- Julia Heynen

Doug Doyle- Connor Doyle

Alien Beercan- Peter Williams

P16- Ryan Cleary

Special Agent Danica Patrick, No Relation- Liz Anderson

Intern Wade Anderson- Patrick Bodenhausen

Professor Barnabus- James Freetly

Artwork by Blair Britt