Helping us crush our 2019 goal of $5,000 for Connor's Cure!


On September 21st PodSlam: A Podcast Marathon to Benefit Connor's Cure returns LIVE for 12+ HOURS at The iO Theater in Chicago, IL and broadcast LIVE right here!

What is podslam?

Bringing shows from all across the country to Chicago for over twelve consecutive hours of podcasting, PodSlam seeks to provide a unique live event & live streaming experience with the goal of inspiring listeners, attendees, and participants to raise funds for Connor's Cure and help ensure The V Foundation is able to provide expert, compassionate care for sick children locally, regionally, and globally. Check out the video for more on Connor's Cure:


Noon - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

1:00 pm - Queer Movie Night

1:45 pm - Poppin’ Bottles

2:45 pm - Tabletop Potluck

3:30 pm - I’ll Be There For You

4:00 pm - How Star Wars Is It?

4:30 pm - Hollywood Hardwood

5:00 pm - Dilettante Ball

5:15 pm - Killer Conversations

5:45 pm - The Heels in Heels

6:30 pm - Podswoggle: A Wrestling Podcast with Entertainment

7:30 pm - Paired

8:00 pm - Our Father

8:30 pm - We Still Like You

9:30 pm - Not Your Demographic

10:15 pm - Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling

11:15 pm - The PodSlam All Star Rumble (Hosts from all shows throughout the day battle it our for podcast supremacy!)


All proceeds go to Connor's Cure

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Q&A with WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior about Connor's Cure & PodSlam

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