Episode Thirteen: The ...Doctor?

Wade and Special Agent Danica Patrick, No Relation are livin' the America stereotype: running from the law while completing traditional road trip activities and tropes. But will their past ketchup to them? The HR guys reckon with the aftermath (or lack thereof) of Space Fest, and get reaaal down and dirty into the comedic gold mine of health care coverage with Severus Sna ples, a reformed Potterist who heads up Clones n Drones. Aunts on a LOG, this sounds hilarious!

Severus Sna ples- Kyle Dolan

Doug Doyle- Connor Doyle

Alien Beercan- Peter Williams

P16- Ryan Cleary

Special Agent Danica Patrick, No Relation- Liz Anderson

Intern Wade Anderson- Patrick Bodenhausen

Artwork by Blair Britt