Episode Fourteen: The Theatrical Otter

Wade and Danica Patrick, No Relation may just have found their Fortress of Together-i-tude, but first they've gotta remind us how phallic the entrance is a few hundred times. Meanwhile, the HR boys visit with Griff, head of Straight Theatre, cuddly cinephile, and dope-ass monologist. You otter listen to this episode, I tell ya!

WARNING- Some tiny rocks started falling on the recorder as Wade and Danica made their way down the shaft. So it might get a little choppy near the end.

Griff the Otter- Damon Royster

Doug Doyle- Connor Doyle

Alien Beercan- Peter Williams

P16- Ryan Cleary

Special Agent Danica Patrick, No Relation- Liz Anderson

Intern Wade Anderson- Patrick Bodenhausen

Artwork by Blair Britt