Chicago, Beyoncé, Human Centipede, Giggle Juice

One Musical-Nerd, and one Musical-Newb discuss some of the most popular musicals, and some that aren’t popular, with some of their very funny friends.

In this episode we dive into the important subjects like sexism, racism, and celebrity portrayal in the media brought up in the critically-acclaimed musical, Chicago. We also dive into even more important subjects like Beyonce, Human Centipede, Nipples, and John C Reilly's tap dancing. No guest this week because we wanted you to get to know us a little bit, but there will be one next week! 

BEGIN - Correct Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself:

Each week, mostly Dan, says something that might be insensitive, inappropriate, offensive, etc. and it's important that we explain to all of our listeners that we mean nothing negative by any of it. So much so that we will use this portion of the Description to Correct Ourselves before we Wreck Ourselves. 

Mastectomies. A very serious, life-saving procedure that treats one of the greatest plagues on our society, breast cancer. A mastectomy is the removal of breast tissue to prevent the spread of, and/or remove, cancerous tissue. Oftentimes, in the process, a woman's nipples are removed in a mastectomy, thus those women have no nipples. We understand this is a very real issue, and we mentioned Catherine Zeta Jones having no nipples, in complete jest. And we have corroborated, to the best of our ability, that Catherine Zeta Jones has not had to endure a mastectomy, nor breast cancer. Still, we apologize for any offense.

Swearing. We swear a lot. Especially in this podcast. We're working on it. 

END - Correct Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Hint for next week:

When Chicago Gangsters need to get something done, they use bribes. You might say they ________ palms.