008 - Of Haymakers & Handwashers

This labor day episode takes us from the labor movement to the labor and delivery room. Nat [purposely] talks about Chicago history and tells us about the Haymarket Affair and Lucy Parsons. Cass and Madeline Brès prove that a ladies place is in the gallery. We continue to mispronounce key things.

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Illustration of Haymarket Explosion
Lucy Parsons Portrait
Madelein Brès

Sources for Lucy Parsons story: Death in the Haymarket: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement, and the Bombing that Divided Gilded Age America, by James Green; Industrial Workers of the World, Wikipedia

Original Theme: Garreth Spinn
Original Art: Sarah Cruz

About this podcast:

Shared History, is a comedy podcast and history podcast in one. Hosted by Chicago comedians, each episode focuses on obscure, overlooked and underrepresented historical events and people.