Episode 49 - January 24, 1994: Royal Recap

Royal Rumble ‘94 is in the history books and the outcome is interesting. Lex Luger and Bret Hart ended up being co-winners when they both went over the top ropes together after being the last two men standing in the ring. This is especially impressive in Bret’s case as he and his brother Owen had wrestled a tag team match against the Quebecers earlier in the night. Unfortunately for the brothers, the ref stopped the match and awarded the victory to the Quebecers when it became clear that Bret was unable to continue wrestling after sustaining a bad leg injury. Owen became furious at Bret for not simply tagging him in. This was the final straw for Owen who turned on his own brother and “kicked his leg out of his leg”.

So sad.

It’s also worth mentioning that Yokozuna was able to win the casket match against the Undertaker, but only after ambushing Paul Bearer, breaking open the urn, and getting nine other heels to back him up. Despite losing, the Undertaker still managed to cause a lot of weird spooky stuff to happen from beyond the grave that freaked everyone out.

The Undertaker is why I'm still watching this show.

So yeah, that’s what happened at the Rumble. Today’s Raw doesn’t do much to capitalize on any of it though. We’re right back to the same old same old matches. There is one piece of good news though, which is that Jim Ross has been given co-hosting duties alongside Vince and hopefully he’ll be sticking around. Although next week they’ll be joined by IRS so that should balance out my enjoyment levels.

I would absolutely be a parishioner in JR's megachurch.

I would absolutely be a parishioner in JR's megachurch.

Besides JR, there’s really nothing worth talking about. Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, Adam Bomb, Doink, and Shawn Michaels all just fight their assigned jobbers. The longest match is Men on a Mission against the Headshrinkers. I don’t really care about the match at all, but it’s cool for M.O.M. that they’re getting bigger matches, even though they do end up losing.

Next week we’ll be seeing the Raw debut of both Thurman “Sparky” Plugg and Kwang. Although technically they’ve already debuted because they were both participants in the Royal Rumble. Eh, close enough I guess.