Episode 40: The Whiffenfluff

Happy Spacegiving, T.U.R.K.E.Y.S. (That's an acronym for Totally Uber Real Keister Eaters, Yes Sir!)! This week, the HR Boys get a visit from Margatha Dot, the Whiffenfluff, who's fluff deep in a game of Floogball. Meanwhile, Wade and the Professor shoot for the world record of dumbest dummies in space, and Danica cryo-sleeps. 

Margatha Dot, the Whiffenfluff- Janelle Blasdel

Doug Doyle- Connor Doyle

P16- Ryan Cleary

Alien Beercan- Peter Williams

Professor Barnabus- James Freetly

Wade Anderson- Patrick Bodenhausen

Artwork by Blair Britt