(BOLD: Completed power to be released on later day)


  1. Ice Bath with eating a snow cone

  2. Call commentary of Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior from Halloween Havoc 1998

  3. Sing ‘A Whole New Japan’ (Spencer to write song with Swoggle Squad)

  4. Record himself eating half a bag of Kale AND doing 100 Push-Ups

  5. Sexy ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Reading (Tope to provide Augie with Green Eggs and Ham)

  6. Record yourself eating a wing dabbed with Da Bomb hot sauce (Mullet to send)


  1. Wear Pancake Outfit

  2. Watch the pilot episode of ‘Hogan Knows Best’

  3. Watch a TNA Match of Tope’s choice

  4. Come up with 20 Wrestling pun song titles (i.e. Don’t break my Hart, my Achy Brety Hart)


  1. 30 Day Booty Challenge via @WhiddensBootyGainz on Instagram

  2. Smash two mayonnaise jars together like Stone Cold Steve Austin

  3. Exotic Book Reading


  1. Write ‘A Whole New Japan’

  2. Record himself eating a bowl of Kale AND doing 50 Push-Ups

  3. Write a Civil War love letter to Tony Nese


  1. Eat 72 ounces (4.5 pounds) of any meat

  2. Go on a NYC scavenger hunt wearing a Willow shirt


  1. Eat A Bowl of Kale while a rundown of The Summer Of Punk in ROH (in 5 mins or less)